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The Workplace Afterpod | Bill Sandbrook, CEO, U.S. Concrete

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How do you make a great hire?

Sandbrook: “References count for me, references whom I trust. Because in that hour interview or whatnot, you can get some sense but you can’t be 100%. You’re not always a 100% in knowing that individual, what their work ethic is, how they really handle pressure, what their true, innate problem-solving abilities are. And I’m not a huge fan of canned tests. I think that leaves out another dimension, and I think it demeans the individual. That I’m gonna look at all your test results from all these different prognostics and I’m gonna come up with who I think you are. So, I will tell you, what counts the most for me is somebody whom I trust, maybe in another company that I’ve worked with before, to give me an honest opinion of the pluses and minuses of that individual. That outside reference is so critical to me, and it won’t come off of that individual’s list of references. It’ll come off my own personal references that I’ll find somebody that knows that individual.”


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