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245: How an Appetite for Agile Is Fueling Growth | Steve Cooper, Partner, Excella

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In the wake of a big government contract win, IT consulting organizations frequently savor the luster of being awarded plus-size opportunities that can validate a firm’s leading-edge solutions.  However, pursuing government “big game” contracts can very often lead consulting organizations to set priorities according to the ebb and flow of the government’s procurement processes instead of leading-edge solution development. Here’s where Excella, of Arlington, Virginia, appears to have stayed the course and continued to focus and invest in commercial opportunities related to Agile software development–despite the sizable obstacle that traditional government procurement policies have been to the adoption of Agile approaches. Finally, as the government’s procurement practices begin to thaw and slowly become more accommodating to those circumstances under which Agile solutions are best adopted, Excella’s dedication to development and not to policy appears to be paying off.  Join us when Excella co-founder Steve Cooper explains the Agile opportunity that his firm patiently nurtured while knowing that perhaps the government’s appetite for innovation would someday soon influence its procurement menu options.    

Guest: Steve Cooper, Co-Founder

Company: Excella

Headquarters: Arlington, VA

Contact: www.excella.com

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