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235: A Community of Families With a Company in Common | Travis Hollman, CEO, Hollman, Inc.

While college and education cost reimbursement programs have long been a coveted perk enjoyed by employees inside certain talent-minded businesses, the act of extending that perk to employee spouses and children is rare and arguably transformative. What was once a workforce becomes a workforce community, and so it goes at Hollman, Inc., of Irving, Texas, where CEO Travis Hollman set out to energize his growing company’s workforce and quickly realized that the answer lay beyond its four walls.

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A Community of Families With a Company (and Education) in Common

“I just knocked on the door to the dean’s office and said, ‘I want to send people to school and there has to be a way to do it.’ And they said: ‘Well, you can give your people scholarships.’ I said: ‘No, I want everybody to get educated.’ And this isn’t an educational program like you’re probably thinking—where you have to get a four-year degree. If an employee wants to take photography class, if they want to take a gym class, we’re paying for it. The idea is that they’re out there making themselves better people every day. It’s in everybody’s best interest in this community that we have more highly educated people. So, we’re doing something good for everybody.”

Guest: Travis Hollman, CEO

Company:  Hollman, Inc.

Headquarters: Irving, Texas

Connect: www.hollman.com


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