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234: Energizing Your Commercial World | Scott Graf, President, BCD Meetings & Events

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A Growing Appetite for M&A

“The timing for consolidation in this industry is right. There were a lot of baby boomer owners of businesses that grew and prospered in this space, and now those owners want to transition to something else. We’re just coming into a generation of companies that are ready or ripe for sale, and it just so happens that our company is in a good spot where we are not looking to sell—we are looking to grow when we can find the right company with the right culture and a geographic location in which we’re interested and when it might make good sense for us.”

Inside the Workforce Mind-Set

“We want employees who are comfortable and want to be with customers and suppliers, because our business is an interactive business. To identify, to hire, and to retain strong commercial employees is now a big priority of mine.”

Guest: Scott Graf, Global President

Company: BCD Meetings & Events

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Connect: www.bcdme.com


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