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227: Finding Your Customer Growth Lane | Scott Staples, CEO, First Advantage

With hiring on the minds of most growth-minded business leaders these days, background screening solutions have perhaps never been in greater demand. However, as more customer doors swing open, the virtues of customer success have never been more top-of-mind for First Advantage CEO Scott Staples. Join us when Scott explains why First Advantage is seeking to expand its existing customer relationships with more carefully tailored solutions that address the jagged shoreline left behind by the latest frenzied hiring wave.

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“The industry is really driven by hiring, and the data on hiring is fantastic right now. It’s just a very competitive job market. There are about 5.5 to 5.8 million people a month either getting or changing jobs, and that’s all good news for a background screening company.” –Scott Staples, CEO, First Advantage


Guest: Scott Staples

Company: First Advantage

Headquartered: Atlanta, GA

Contacts: www.fadv.com

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