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210: Growing Along the Rails | Larry Jordan, President, Wi-Tronix

Join us when Larry Jordan explains how applying new technologies to the business challenges of the rail industries has allowed Wi-Tronix to open a new chapter of growth as it connects railway companies in real time with critical information and insights about their trains, using smart remote monitoring and video intelligence technologies.

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“Double Double”

“Over the next 12 months, our priorities are around scaling the business. This means adding new talent to support the new markets that we are entering and scaling our business processes and infrastructure to meet our objectives, which is what we call ‘double double.’ This goal is to double our revenue in the next 18 to 24 months and then double it again.” –Larry Jordan


Guest: Larry Jordan, President

Company: Wi-Tronix, LLC

Headquarters: Bolingbrook, IL

Contact: www.witronic.com    (twitter) @witronix

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