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206: The Future Uber of Home Services | Steve Upshaw, CEO, CCHS

Join us when CEO Steve Upshaw explains how the connected world is opening the door to new products and services for home owners, allowing the traditional home warranty and maintenance services industry to open a new chapter of growth where imaginative new offerings are soon expected to serve the realm of home ownership.

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Growth & the Connected World

“We are now expanding the services and features that we provide to better take advantage of new trends such as connected devices in the home and how they may in fact enable us to provide more value and peace of mind to homeowners in the future.”

CCHS Growth Priorities Involve Five Key Areas

  1. Talent & Workforce Engagement
  2. Digital Transformation Initiatives
  3. Rebranding of Organization
  4. Service Delivery & Customer Experience
  5. Distribution Channel Expansion (Property Casualty Insurance, Direct-to-Consumer)

Guest: Steve Upshaw, CEO

Company: Cross Country Home Services

Headquartered: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Contact: www.cchs.com       (Twitter) @CrossCountryHS

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