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203: Building a Better Compensation Plan | Chris Cabrera, CEO, Xactly Corporation

Compensation strategies have often been considered a luxury rather than a necessity inside the realm of middle-market businesses. However, as Xactly Corp. continues to enlarge its pool of compensation data, the company’s benchmarking insights have begun to alter the mind-sets of middle-market executives as the company helps to level the playing field when it comes to acquiring compensation smarts. Join us when Xactly CEO Chris Cabrera explains why talent-minded midsize companies are quickly acquiring an appetite for compensation insights.

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Hiring and Training = Growth

“We used to have 1 week of onboarding for sales reps. We now have a 12-week boot camp, so we’re putting a lot more focus on the caliber of people we hire as well as the amount of training that we give them. This takes a lot of energy, so there’s a big focus on getting more people in the company so that we can sustain this growth.” –Chris Cabrera


Guest: Chris Cabrera, CEO

Company: Xactly Corporation

Headquartered: San Jose, CA

Contact: www.xactlycorp.com  (twitter) @Xactly

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