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200: When Supply Lines Determine the Path to Growth | Cody Yarborough, CEO, Lifecycle Biotechnologies

According to Cody Yarborough, when it comes to growing Lifecycle Biotechnologies, the greatest challenge that the biosciences firm faces today has little to do with finding new customers. Instead, the challenge is to better manage and monitor the company’s specialized suppliers.

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“The market growth that we’re seeing right now is tremendous, and we just have to be able to manufacture to that opportunity. Now, that sounds simple, but it’s not easy. We can’t just go out and build a plant. We’re seeing a spike this year in that market, and we have to maintain our operations. That comes down to staffing, and I think that the other priority we have is that we need to execute at least one more acquisition this year.” –Cody Yarborough, CEO

Guest: Cody Yarborough, CEO

Company: Lifecycle Biotechnologies

Headquarters: Fort Worth, TX

Contact: www.lifecyclebio.com  (twitter) @LifecycleBio

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