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190: Keeping Leadership in Step with Growth | Robert Douglas, CEO, BioConnect


Join us when Robert Douglas, CEO of BioConnect, explains how the alignment of customer insight and product development is the key ingredient in healthy, renewable growth.

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Three Lessons for Hypergrowth

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with many high-growth enterprise software companies, but Siebel Systems in particular really stands out for me. There are three lessons that I learned about hypergrowth, which I’ll be happy to share. These are pillars that I use in my own business as we build our company.  The first is brand. The power of brands to scale. The second is the network effect. Siebel Systems was written up in the Harvard Business Review in the late 1990s, early 2000s. It did a case study at Harvard about scaling through partnership. I lived through that experience and learned what the playbook looks like when you’re seeking massive scale. How do you build an ecosystem and build the network effect? And then the third is that it’s about customer-driven product and the fact that there are technologies that are built based on markets or based on technologies or based on customers. Siebel Systems did just an excellent job of having its product management teams work very close to the customer. They saw the subtleties of what the customer was seeking and this translated into the products and technologies that they built. These are the three pillars that have stuck with me and that I view without question as the three ingredients that made Siebel Systems the fastest-growing tech company in the history of technology back in the late 1990s.” –Robert Douglas

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Guest: Robert Douglas

Company: BioConnect

Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

Contact: www.bioconnect.com  (twitter) @bioconnect


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