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156: Setting Down American Roots | Glenn Nott, President, simPRO Software, N.A.

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What are your priorities for growing this middle-market business over the next 12 months?

Glenn: “Our priorities are to look at those areas of the business that we may need to tweak and adjust them as we start to really open up the doors and explore the local market here in Colorado. And then, as I mentioned earlier, once we get the model right here—I keep referring to the model, and by that I mean the language that we use in our software—it means assessing the key verticals or the five that I mentioned we’re going to concentrate on. It could be one or two out of those five that are standouts for us, where our software is a 100% fit as opposed to being prepped to a 95% fit. So I think we’re going to be doing some learning, and then take that model and replicate it in various cities and states throughout North America.”

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Guest: Glenn Nott

Company: simPRO, N.A.

Headquarters: Denver, Colorado

Contact: www.simpro.us


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