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150: How a Middle-Market Mind-Set Liberated a Heavyweight Brand | John Incledon, President, Hisamitsu America

The history of Hisamitsu America is starkly different from that of most middle-market companies. Nevertheless, the Japanese-owned company’s latest chapter leaves little doubt that middle-market savvy is now fueling the firm’s growth engine.  Join us when John Incledon explains how a change in Hisamitsu’s firm-building mind-set opened the door for him to pursue an entrepreneurial adventure that has been punctuated by brand-building smarts and agile decision-making.

Listen to the COMPLETE EPISODE Below (00:37:20)

Guest: John Incledon, President

Company: Hisamitsu America

Headquarters: Florham Park, NJ

Contacts: www.salonpas.us   @salonpas (Twitter)

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