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131: The Local Demands of Global Growth | Nigel Kersten, Chief Technical Strategist, Puppet

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While most business software is designed to help managers know what’s going on with their business, Puppet is designed to help managers know what’s going on with their business software – a growing challenge for businesses of all sizes as software and company operations become increasingly intertangled. Join us when Google veteran Nigel Kersten explains what led him to join Puppet of Portland, Oregon and the software opportunity that is today propelling the midsized firm across the globe.

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Over the next twelve months, what are your priorities when it comes to growing Puppet?

Nigel: Yes, so because we’re advancing a lot more into Asia and we’re looking to serve mass markets in Asia and in Europe, we’ve been working heavily on localizing our software, which means that we’re preparing it so that it’s easy for us to provide versions of it in different languages. And I imagine this is a problem that many people who are serving the mid-market and trying to go global have to face. You have to work out how do you adjust your sales cycles and your go-to-market motion when you’re working in different regions because there are big cultural differences between how companies purchase things in different regions. So we’re both making the product so that it can be localized into different languages all around the world and very much working on educating and hiring the right people all around the world to be able to sell for us in most regions. So going global is the big focus for us over the next year.

Guest: Nigel Kersten, Chief Technical Strategist

Company: Puppet

Industry:  Software

Headquarters: Portland, Oregon 

Ownership: Privately held

Contact: www.puppet.com @puppetize (Twitter)



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