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129: EdTech’s Bootstrapped Disruptor Comes of Age | Adrian Ridner, CEO, Study.com

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At the beginning there was a mission in search of a business model – a fact that arguably sets Study.com apart from most middle-market businesses. Along the way, as the subscription economy began to blossom, Study.com’s founders buckled their fledgling business into an energetic subscription model and turned their attention to managing the growth that comes when mission and model unite.  Join us when Adrian Ridner, CEO and Co-founder, Study.com steps back in time to spotlight the stubborn mission that would not be compromised for growth sake, and the business model that would ultimately allow the mission to survive and thrive.

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What are your priorities when it comes to growing this firm over the next 12 months?

“I would say there are two big priorities. The biggest one …  is where in the past our subscription business was focused on individuals, we’re now focusing on whole groups and companies together. So, we’re seeing that companies are using Study.com to offer free college degrees to all of their employees. JetBlue Airlines is one example of a company using this alternate credit model to offer degrees to their workforce.

So, one of our very big initiatives is to really enter and scale the B2B enterprise market over the next 12 months because we’re getting a lot of contacts and that requires, once again, just retooling the team, the talent. Understanding the things we don’t know about partnering with enterprises, that it’s different than individuals but we’re seeing the impact we can have. Instead of bringing one student at a time verses 10,000 employees at once. A college degree is significant … but we can be doing that with communities too.

So, partnering with companies and communities to really bring forward this access is a big initiative. The second is international growth. We have millions of students that are international that are asking for very specific courses that are applicable in their countries, and we’re looking on how can serve them as well because this is a huge, huge market for us.”

Guest: Adrian Ridner, CEO, Co-Founder

Company: Study.com

Industry:  Online Courses

Headquarters: Mountain View, CA 

Ownership: Privately held

Contact: www.study.com @Studydotcom (Twitter)



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