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127: Revving Up the Hydrogen Economy | Andy Marsh, CEO, Plug Power

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It was perhaps less than a decade ago that the main byproduct of hydrogen fuel cells was buzz and more buzz. Join us when Andy Marsh explains how the adoption of new fuel technologies is gaining momentum making Plug Power an early leader within the ranks of high growth solution providers.

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Guest: Andy Marsh, CEO

Company: Plug Power

Industry: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

Headquarters: Latham, New York

Ownership: Publicly Held (NASDAQ:PLUG)

Contact: www.plugpower.com @plugpowerinc (Twitter)

MME: What are your priorities when it comes to growing this business over the next 12 months?
Marsh: “Well, I think there’s two priorities. One is we have a nice core business. And we have a good number of dependable, repeatable customers. And that core business, we shipped products to that are valued at over $150 million last year, and that’s products and services.
We believe we can continue to grow. We’ve been growing that business at a 50% clip, and we’d like to continue to grow that business at a very rapid rate. But as we started this journey, six, or seven years ago to move into products, where we’d like to be at the end of this year is we’d like to have a few hundred delivery vans on the road, delivering goods and packages to people, not only in Los Angeles, but also in Shanghai, China. And that we’ve clearly demonstrated not only can we make cost-effective products for fuel cells going to forklift trucks that has great value to customers, but we’re also able to put fuel cells into other industrial vehicles, and create value for customers. And I think at the end of this year, we’ll be able to say “Yes” to both of those.”

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