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071: Why “The Riches” Are in “The Niches,” Bob Vormittag, President, VAI

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If there’s a downside to having a Silicon Valley, it may be that we tend to view the venture-backed business model as the only business model for high-tech firms. There are, of course, many ways to build a high-tech firm, and the path that Bob Vormittag has taken with Vormittag Associates Inc (VAI) has arguably more in common with traditional middle-market companies than with its Silicon Valley brethren. Join us when Bob explains how for VAI “the riches have been in the niches.”

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“One of our strategies has been to focus on industry-specific applications, which limits the competition. Over the years, we have evolved those applications based upon the installations that we’ve had, the knowledge base that we’ve created over all these years. And so we have found that servicing specific industries and niche markets has really helped us to grow our business, so we’re not reliant on one particular industry.

“Manufacturing has been important to us, and so, for example, we’re getting involved in process manufacturing, food distribution, discrete manufacturing for our generic manufacturers, and distribution in many shapes and sizes and forms. The latest pharmaceutical version is coming out this year, and that’s a great industry to be in. Food has been just terrific for us, and it’s becoming a very big part of our new business activity. It’s just another example of getting involved in all these different types of industries and not relying on one.”

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